Laproscopic Urology

Laparoscopic And Robotic Urology At Its Best

The sky is the limit as far as the present advancement in the area of urology is concerned. There is less involvement of the human hand as far as certain surgeries of urology are there due to advanced technologies associated with this department of medical science. .


Laparoscopic And Robotic Urology—High Growth Since Past Years 


Because of laparoscopic and robotic urology, there is the use of minimally invasive alternatives in surgery related to urology. Because of such techniques, the conditions of urology both benign and cancerous are handled well by the surgeons all across the world and also in the major cites of India. Because of the use of such techniques in the field of urology for the patient by the leading surgeons, there is less pain, scarring and blood loss. Apart from this, there is also the need of less blood transfusions and the infection risk is also low in the patient. Because of such technique, the patient stays in the hospital for a short period as compared to earlier and he returns to his day to day activities quickly.


Performing The Complex Procedures

Because of the laparoscopic and robotic urology, the surgeon Dr. Upwan Kumar Chauhan does the tough procedures in the abdomen and he does not have to put his hands directly into the cavity of the body. In this technique associated with the area of urology, the miniaturized instruments are placed through portals called fixers and one puts them in the keyhole-size incisions that are done in the abdomen. Inflation is done in the cavity of the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas so that the surgeon gets the working space in order to perform the operation. In this process of surgery, there is the use of a telescopic lens that has the digital camera attached. It is inserted through trocar site. In this technique, the size of the incision is less than the open surgery there is the reduction of the postoperative pan apart from the loss of blood and more transfusions. 


Robotic Surgery Was Included In Urology In 2000

The inclusion of robotic surgery in urology in the year 2000 is a boon when we talk about the laparoscopic and robotic urology. Because of the induction of robotics in urology, there is supplanting to various laparoscopic procedures because of the advancements in the area of instrumentation, ergonomics, and visualization. There are special advantages over laparoscopic surgery when the surgeon opts for the technique of robotic urology with the help of a surgical robotic system. The use of improved optical technology gives surgeons, not just the high definition but also a three-dimensional depth perception of internal anatomy as compared to 2 dimensional that is given by laparoscopic surgery.